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You might think that once you buy your house or unit, it is yours. However, there are still some little things you need to do before you can really make it your home. As someone else has lived in your house before you, it is hard to settle in immediately without making a few changes. Here are some simple tips for really making yourself at home:

  • Give it a good clean – even if your new house or apartment seems clean, it is
    always good for peace of mind to either hire a professional cleaner or
    give it a good scrub down yourself.
  • Organise utilities and services – let’s face it, without electricity a house is
    hard to enjoy, and even though you’ve probably had it connected straight
    away, have you got around to organising an Internet connection yet?
  • Share your joy – once your internet is online, you can start emailing and
    posting the obligatory ‘new home’ shots on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    or whatever social network you love to hang out on.
  • Have a wash – now your house is all clean, treat yourself to a long soak in the
    bath, or if you have no bath, then have a nice long hot shower!


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