What to ask when calling a removals company.

If you ask these questions how they are written, you should quickly be able to pick out the crème of the crop. To be prepared you must have a basic list of items, your moving date, pickup and delivery access.

  1. How long will my move take and how accurate is your estimate?
    This question is an inexperienced removalists nightmare. To quote an
    accurate time over the phone based on your list of items takes real
    skill and experience.
    Call and test us out.
  2. How much do you charge and does that include GST and or hidden surcharges? Many
    removalists will provide a low hourly rate that seems appealing, but
    sting you in hidden surcharges like excess travelling times, adding GST
    afterwards, charging extra for stairs or certain items like
    pianos. The appealing very quickly becomes appalling. At ab fab we have no hidden charges, just a flat hourly rate.
  3. Who
    will be handling my goods on the day? Do they work for you or another
    company and what level of experience do they have? How can I be sure I
    am getting good quality workmanship?
    It is rare to find a company that actually provides skilled removalists. All out team members are experienced professionals.
  4. Are
    my goods insured? If so for what and to what value, can you please
    elaborate? Can you provide a copy of your policy so I have it for my
    Most unreputable
    removalists will squirm when you ask these questions, many lie and
    mislead about their policies. Asking them to elaborate and provide proof
    is a sure way to know where you stand with insurance.
    our moves are covered by our vehicle insurance in case of a truck
    accident. We are not permitted to sell handling insurance we suggest
    checking your household policy for cover on move day.
  5. Can you provide me with the phone numbers of at least 3 customers you have moved in the last week as referrals? This
    is a bold question but carries more weight than all the rest put
    together. If you are unsure about the integrity of a business, ask this
    question to remove all doubt. A truly honest, high level removal
    business will have no issue handing over the phone numbers of as many as
    you want. Remember, it’s important to select people from the recent
    week as any removalist can draw up their own dummy testimonials, or dig
    one up from a customer years ago that they were able to impress.
    are more than happy to provide contact details for recent moves they
    often offer to recommend us as they are so pleased with the service we

Finally, ask them to provide all of their answers in writing.

These questions are designed to warn unreputable removalists that you cross your “t’s” and dot your “I’s” and are seeking a good quality service. If they know they can’t provide what you are looking for you will hear it in their tone.