Movers Sunshine Coast

My advice would be to keep a dedicated notebook and several brightly coloured pens and packets of labels for the move. Make a list of all the things you need to do, and update the list as you go.

Make the move easy on yourself — plan everything possible ahead of time

Before anything else, you first have to plan the costs of your move:

• To hire a professional mover or rent a self-drive truck or container
• To buy or hire moving boxes and packaging
• To clean up the home you are leaving (bond clean or self-clean)
• To make some immediate changes to your new home, e.g. painting
• Travel costs between the two properties, and hotel costs if you cannot move straight in

And don’t forget to change your address for all the utilities, insurance companies, doctors, etc.

If everything is clearly labelled then you won’t have to open a dozen boxes to find the one you actually need because it has your toothbrush in it. Or your eyedrops. Or your favourite pyjamas. It is crucial to prepare a small overnight bag for moving day with essentials. Those are:

• Identity card, passport and wallet
• Basic toiletries
• Medications
• A change of clothes
• Mobile phone and charger
• Eyeglasses or contact lenses
• If you have a pet or children, then the appropriate necessities for them.
• A first aid kit with bandages and antiseptics.
• Cutlery and a few plates for meals, and perhaps a kettle with tea or coffee.

Before you pack everything up, work out what you think will go where at the new property. Colour code and label each box clearly, then that saves a great deal of time and trouble at the other end, because you will have a far clearer idea of where every box and package will go. With simple labels you can make sure that each carton is delivered to the correct room. If the contents of every carton are listed on the outside you should be able to see exactly where whatever you are looking for can be found.

Pack essentials on top! Or call Ab Fab — The Stress Free Movers in Sunshine Coast and sit back and relax.