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What you need to make sure arrives at your new place first

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Welcome to your new home. At last. It’s empty, but it’s clean and one day soon it really is going to look just as you have always imagined it would. But, while the house movers are still there, the top priority of all the priorities fighting for action is to get them to carry all the heavy, awkward pieces of furniture to the rooms you want them in.

You need strong, helpful, courteous professional house movers for the sofas and television, the dining table and your desk — and what about the piano (yes, we are also expert piano removalists)? Then there is the fridge and the stove, the washing machine and the dishwasher. And the beds — your own bed is essential — you probably haven’t been able to sleep soundly for weeks, and now here you are.

Kitchen… bedrooms… bathrooms…

It makes sense to try to get the kitchen ready first, and then the bedrooms and bathrooms. Try to plan each room before the move and before unpacking, and label the boxes clearly so they are all in the right rooms. As each thing is unpacked, the house will start to feel more familiar and friendly. Once the rugs are down, the beds made, the pictures hanging and the photographs out, you’ll be settling in fine.

The essential box of essentials!

You will have brought a box of essentials with you for the first day or two— or even a box per person. That must certainly not be lost or misplaced — your sheets and pillows, toiletries, water, a change of clothes, etc., are in that. And lavatory paper!

Last, but not least

Leave the utility areas till last — the garage and basement, the patio and deck. Although it might be useful to have a working barbecue before the kitchen is ready.

Save time and money

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