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Helping to make your life stress free, ab fab – good move. One of the first steps you should take when moving house is to research all the services that will need setting up. You can make the process a lot easier by checking local services in advance. Write down a list and carefully go through them. Important ones to check include: Electricity Telephone Wireless service Cable and satellite television service Local taxes Transportation, such as buses and trains Parking costs Doing a little research can give you an accurate estimate of what the local services will really

Tips for your Tenants

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Helping to make your life stress free, ab fab – good move. If you are going to rent out a house or apartment, you want to give yourself the least amount of trouble and make it cost you less. Sometimes it is worth investing a little in the beginning and making it as easy as possible. Simple tips for your tenants such as having your own removalists, at a good price, can make things very easy for them. Features. There are certain things that everyone needs in a home and you should make sure that you place has the

Suggestions for Storage

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Suggestions for Storage Timber and laminate furniture. These items are the key to utilising your vertical space as the make excellent base items to stack on. If you use your vertical space, you need less floor space and will save money. Blankets, sheets, towels or button less clothing are a cost effective option to be used in between timber surfaces to protect against scratches. Leather, vinyl and suede lounges. Extreme care should be taken when storing these items. Remember, if any item is poking or resting against these types of materials, they will leave stretch marks that won’t come out. It’s a

Suburban Style

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Helping to make your life stress free, ab fab – good move. Many Australian families are moving away from the urban centres of towns which are close to their jobs. This has allowed them to keep their income but enjoy a better quality of life. It is also much cheaper to purchase property away from expensive cities and large urban centres in Australia.The amount of people moving to smaller centres is having a dramatic impact on house prices. The main buying point for these supposedly out-of-the-way small towns is their ease of access to large cities and urban centres.

Questions to ask a Packing Service

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Questions you should ask a packing service Considering the vast amount of new housing units are listed and rental properties are made available in Australia every year, it's no wonder that hundreds of thousands of Australian families are in need of packing services on a regular basis. Before you choose the first packing service that you come across, it's important to ask any company the following questions to protect your belongings and get the best price for your relocation: Can you provide references from satisfied customers? How long have you been in business? What type of additional services do

Professional House Packing

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Professional house packing: Pros and cons There are countless decisions that need to be made when moving into a new home and house packing is one of them. While the decision may seem simple at first, there are pros and cons to take into consideration to help you decide whether to pack and move your belongings yourself or hire a professional service to do it for you. The main differentiating factor for most Australians when it comes to professional home packing is the price. Still, if you're looking to relieve stress on your moving day, professional house packing is

ab fab The Stress Free Movers wins prestigious business award

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland – Locally owned business ab fab The Stress Free Movers were announced as category winners at last night’s Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards.  Organised by Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce, the prestigious annual awards (now in their nineteenth year) showcase and celebrate the efforts and achievements of the diverse Sunshine Coast business community. The Awards Gala, hosted at the Palmer Coolum Resort, was attended by over 700 members of the business community as well as local dignitaries.  Over 100 businesses were nominated as finalists across eleven categories.  ab fab were winners of the Retail / Specialist Services category.

Get rid of clutter in a flash and get back in your partner’s good-books!

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This post is aimed at all those husbands or partners out there who are being pestered by their wives or partners to tidy up the house (or yard, or garage, or loft space, etc. etc.). Have you been banished to the dog-house because you haven't managed to come up with a solution to the problem? Or do you just find that you would love to sort it out, but have no spare time to organise something? Well guys, suffer no longer! Today is the day to tell your partner that you have found the perfect solution to all those

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