Moving house with a dog

Moving house with a dog is drastically different from moving house with a cat, evidenced by the major differences in cats’ and dogs’ personalities. Your success will hinge on making your dog as comfortable as possible in their new environment so that they actually look forward to their new home.

Keep the following tips in mind when moving house with a dog:

  • If possible, walk your dog in your new neighbourhood prior to moving so that he can get acclimatized.
  • Stick to your dog’s routine, even on moving day. This means sticking to the same feeding times, walks, and other things your dog is accustomed to.
  • If practical, take your dog on a long walk on moving day. This will stimulate your dog and tire him out so that he’s more relaxed around the movers.
  • Set clear boundaries in your new home. Keep your dog in his kennel and gradually introduce him to new areas of the house so that he feels safe and comfortable.

Top moving tip

If your pet is micro-chipped, remember to alert the Microchip Pet Register of your change in address several weeks before your moving date.