Things people always forget while preparing to move

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They say that death, divorce and moving house are the most stressful events in anyone’s life. That’s why we’re called Ab Fab The Stress Free Movers — because with nearly two decades of experience behind us in furniture removals and moving services on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and throughout Australia, and multiple awards for excellence, our efficient, courteous and professional staff are dedicated to making your move effortless. Our background in logistics and project management helped our company become the #1 removalist in Sunshine Coast!

Checklist and reminders

And there is a lot the client can do to help us — and themself. The first thing not to forget is to create a moving checklist. That simplifies things. Don’t write it in a hurry — just jot down things as they occur to you and as friends and family suggest them.

Clearly mark the box with the corkscrew, or put it in your handbag

The second is to remember to label every single packed box, carton and crate very clearly. If possible use different colours for the different rooms they are destined for. So stock up with felt pens and sticky labels as well as boxes and miles of tape.

Redirect snail mail

Number three is to remember to redirect mail and to let everyone who writes to you know you have moved — that means sending change of address details to anyone who sends you letters and changing all your credit card and driving licence details. You may still get a bank statement in the post and need a cheque book with your new address. Health insurance. Car insurance. You may order on-line and need to change your primary shipping address, especially if anyone ships goods to you automatically.

Remember to cancel…

Cancel your house insurance — and newspapers — and window cleaners — and don’t forget to give back all your house keys.

Good move!

Don’t forget to leave the premises immaculately clean and tidy. Get rid of anything dangerous or messy, from cleaning solvents to aerosols. Don’t risk a fire.

The top Sunshine Coast removal and storage company

Ab Fab The Stress Free Movers will give you a free written estimate without delay, and can supply trucks of every size for moves of every size, residential or business. We can provide two men and a truck, or take the whole business of moving out of your hands. We can cope with any kind of access. Contact us today — stress free by name, stress free by nature.

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