Removalist Hire Sunshine Coast

The clue is in the phrase “stress free”! You may think that you would prefer total control over your move, and also the flexibility to decide how and when to move, and how to pack and protect your belongings, and where to put them when you arrive. And you may think that you will be saving money.

But coordinating a move yourself takes a lot of planning — and truly wonderful friends

The worst aspect of moving on your own without professional help is the heavy lifting, especially if you have staircases. If you are an inexperienced mover, you are likely to mark and scratch the walls carrying large items like couches and beds up and down the stairs. And what happens if something gets stuck in a door or halfway up a staircase?

Why should you risk pulling muscles, scratching walls or floors, damaging furniture, losing your temper — and losing long-term friendships?

Based in Kunda Park, Ab Fab The Stress Free Movers provide well organized and run, structured, efficient and cost-effective removal services. You will find that we are experienced, prompt, and fully trained to carry heavy furniture and fragile objects. Ab Fab also has all the essential, indispensable moving equipment, and we know how to drive our giant moving trucks safely. After all, we’ve been moving clients with valuable possessions throughout the Sunshine Coast for over 19 years.

Along with moving furniture, Ab Fab can also sell or loan you removal boxes to pack in and organize your small and loose ietms. We also have a house clearing service too.

Reasons to hire a professional? Peace of mind! Let us take the stress off your shoulders. Even if your move is not straightforward, we can deal with most things.

• Ab Fab is dependable
• Ab Fab is responsible
• Ab Fab stays calm
• Ab Fab is efficient — and cost effective
• Ab Fab saves you time
• Ab Fab is fully insured
• Ab Fab does the lifting and carrying
• Ab Fab can spot potential challenges looming and deal with them
• Ab Fab has the experience.

And Ab Fab The Stress Free Movers are the only Sunshine Coast removalists who consistently win the annual Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards

Call Ab Fab The Stress Free Movers today and let us give you a quote.