Looking after your furniture prior to moving into storage

When considering how to prepare your furniture for storage, pay particular attention to leather and timber goods.  No matter how good the storage facility is, the condition of the furniture before it goes into storage can have a dramatic effect on its condition when it comes out.

While your goods are in storage, the air flow around the furniture is likely to be much less than it would be if the furniture was in your living room.  For that reason, good preparation of the furniture before moving it into storage will help prevent mould growth.

The combination of wet weather and humidity in the atmosphere can create the ideal conditions for mould to begin to grow even before the furniture is taken into storage.  Leather is porous, and is covered in follicles where the hair of the animal used to be, which is where the mould will start to grow if allowed.

A regular clean with oil of cloves will help prevent mould, which can take hold even in a ventilated living room.  Mix about 5 to 10ml in a small bucket of warm water, and wipe across the fabric.  The oil of cloves kills mould spores, or it will stop them from taking hold as it is absorbed into leather. Do this every three months or so, and just before the furniture is taken into storage.

Untreated timber can produce a surface that is also ideal for mould to grow.  The same concentration of oil of cloves solution can also be used on timber to help prevent an attack.