Some people spend little or no time on considering how to deal with the unpacking and sorting out at the delivery address.  Understandably, every effort goes into preparing for the house move uplift (de-cluttering, selling unwanted furniture, culling files and paperwork, etc.) as this effort will pay off in that it will result in a smooth and potentially cheaper move.  However, don’t forget that careful forward planning of the delivery process will save time and effort and a lot of stress.  Here are some simple tips to think about.

First, prepare a floor plan of where all furniture needs to be placed at the new address.  Give copies to all members of the family, and a copy for the removalists.  Having ensured all pre-packed boxes are labelled as part of the packing process,  place corresponding labels above the doorways to the rooms (not on the door itself).

Identify specific boxes that you may need first at the new address.  Advise the removalist at the start of the uplift so that these boxes can be placed on the truck last, and so these will be some of the first things off the truck at the delivery.

Prior to move day, check out access arrangements for the truck particularly where there is restricted parking.  If necessary, contact the council or the body corporate as appropriate, to get authorisation to unload in a restricted zone.

Make sure every member of the family is contactable throughout the day of the move.  This will ensure that if there are any last-minute decisions or plan amendments to be made, the relevant family member can be consulted.

Unpacking can be very tiring, particularly at the end of what is usually a very long day.  Avoid too much bending by placing boxes at waist height (such as on a kitchen bench) as you unpack them.

Have as many people as possible to help unpack.  Incentivise family and friends to come round and lend a hand by offering a beer or two.  In no time at all, you will have a pile of empty removal boxes!

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