Get rid of clutter in a flash and get back in your partner’s good-books!

This post is aimed at all those husbands or partners out there who are being pestered by their wives or partners to tidy up the house (or yard, or garage, or loft space, etc. etc.). Have you been banished to the dog-house because you haven’t managed to come up with a solution to the problem? Or do you just find that you would love to sort it out, but have no spare time to organise something?
Well guys, suffer no longer! Today is the day to tell your partner that you have found the perfect solution to all those space issues.

The need for more space at home can come for many reasons:

  • An ever-expanding family (or just the same number of children getting bigger)
  • Relatives or guests needing to stay with you (and the spare room is full of boxes)
  • A need to present the house in the best possible light prior prior to marketing it for sale
  • Summer around the corner and you don’t want your car baking in the heat outside a perfectly good garage (which is unfortunately full of stuff you hardly ever use)