Affordable Removals Sunshine Coast

Are you moving around the block or across the country? Either way, the more time and muscle you are prepared to put into moving, the less it will cost. At Ab Fab we don’t mind if you lend a hand to get the job done though we cant let you inside or on any of our vehicles or access ramps. However, if you want to sit back and watch us do all the work, we will happily oblige!

Removalists usually charge by the hour — the less you have to move and the easier the access, the less you will pay

It certainly makes more sense to hire a professional removalist such as Ab Fab for moving services ¬— and don’t forget Ab Fab have the necessary equipment needed to move heavy objects and we are also insured. You can still save money by packing the smaller items yourself and taking them in your car, and just leaving the heavy, large pieces of furniture for the professional movers, who know how to carry them up stairwells and around tight corners.

Of course costs vary enormously depending on where, when, how and how much you are moving

If you live or are going to live or move within the Sunshine Coast, why not call Ab Fab The Stress Free Movers? Ab Fab come very highly recommended, as you’ll see if you read their reviews and testimonials. In fact Ab Fab has been winning or reached the finals at the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards for years now.

Ab Fab’s permanent team of professional full-time office staff are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing a stress-free affordable removals in Sunshine Coast!