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“I would like to thank the company for a prompt and efficient service. The guys that moved us were very fast, arrived on time and did a good job and these days I find this kind of service and efficiency very hard to find especially in younger people.”
Cheryl Ivess, July 2015

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Control and reduce the cost of your home or office removal.

There are two ways in which to quote or estimate your move –

  • A Fixed Price is the more traditional way. Some people have a fixed or bugeted sum set aside for a removal quote and we are happy to come out and assess your move, so if that’s what you are after, please mention it to the ab fab operations team.

However it is worth bearing in mind that in arriving at a fixed price, the assessor will build in time contingencies. This can have the effect of artificially inflating the cost and hence we would invariably advocate an hourly rate as being in the customer’s best interests..

  • An Hourly Rate is where the industry has moved.This system of removal is almost always the cheapest way to move a short distance. At ab fab, we give you the total freedom to do as much as you want; the more you do, the lower the removal costs will be. We are happy to guide you.

Often a customer will simply compare hourly rates between companies and make a choice on that basis. However do consider what can go wrong by making your selection of removalists on that basis alone;

  • How established is the reputation of the removalist? There are many owner driver operations on the Sunshine Coast where the only access you have to the business once you have booked your move is a mobile phone number because the business owner is driving a truck when you may need him most.
  • Are the reference / testimonials real and are they contactable? Satisfied customers will tell you exactly how long the removalist took relative to expectation..
  • Will the removalist arrive with the correct sized truck and avoid you having to pay for a double load? (unless pre-arranged of course)
  • What pace does the team work at and are thy actively managed by Operations? Less time taken for your removal at a slightly higher rate may well save you money. An hourly saving of $10 may cost you a lot more at the end of the day.
  • Has the removalist discussed the full implications of not insuring your move? Many removalists have no insurance arrangement at all. Do watch the cost of your insurance cover, though your current home contents provider may already have the level of cover you need.

Tempted to move yourself?

Think very carefully before you do is our best advice.

Did you know how much your excess is should you damage a hired removal vehicle? It starts at between $2750 and $5500 and even if you pay to reduce the excess, you will be in for $550 on a small truck to up to $1100! You may well find that the move costs you more than hiring a professional removalist in the first place.

You also run the awful risk of injuring yourself. There are techniques to correct lifting procedures and the last thing you need is an injury that may well affect you for years to come. Rather leave it to the professionals and enjoy the peace of mind.

If you are moving house or office, or even just need a hand packing – why stress? Contact ab fab to help with all your relocating needs. Enquire online or contact us today  07 5445 8797.
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