“Our moves to Nambour and then back to Cooroy a year later went very smoothly. All the people carrying out the move were very helpful and very willing to take into account any requests.”
John Forth, December 2017

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Home Removalists Frequently Asked Questions

YES – If you choose to use our Premium storage in Kunda Park Warehouse 2 weeks notice will be needed for you to access your Belongings. Our Premium storage is bulk stacked with a forklift and would time to ensure your storage modules where at the front in the loading area. *charges applicable

If you want to frequently access your Storage, Our Self Storage facility located in Chevallum on the Bruce Highway may be your best option.

Yes we can, our team will do any dismantling / reassembling needed. While we are more than happy to dismantle and reassemble, remember that the more you do in advance, the less time the move will take and the more you will save/control your costs.

Paying for your move is easy and convenient.

To book a move with ab fab, we don’t require a deposit. We will allocate you a team of professional movers to your job.

Payment of the balance is required on the day of the removal. We accept cash, Visa, master card, visa or debit cards. We do not accept cash or cheques.

All invoiced moves require a bank deposit to be made before unloading your goods

If you require premium storage we will reoccurring invoice to notify you of your monthly payments due.

A move consisting of large items only is far quicker than a move that involves lots of smaller or unpacked items. The access to your home or office, for example steep drive ways, stairs or double story living can add to the time. The more prepared you are the quicker we can get the truck loaded and away to your new home.

The storage solution really depends on your needs for the duration of the storage and we have both on and off site storage options.

The cost of your storage depends on the volume you need to store, accessibility and length of time required.

As a rough guide, a regular 3 bedroomed house placed into storage for one month would be in the region of $300.

When the ab fab team arrives, they will introduce themselves and discuss a plan of action with you.

It is very important that you let the team know if you have any particular concerns or requests. The team are well trained but will benefit from your specific knowledge of your goods and property.

The removal team will need to have unhindered access to all areas in order to properly load and stay on schedule.  Let them know of any items that are not to go, (please group these together out of the way).

When the removal team have completed loading, please check your property to ensure that nothing has been left behind. The only thing we leave behind is the stress.

The ab fab storage option at our warehouse includes on-site management during our operating hours.

Outside business hours, we provide a  24-hour security alarm monitoring and we are properly and security fenced for your total peace of mind.

Moves are generally scheduled for early in the morning with around a 7am start time from our depot at Chevallum on the Bruce Highway. Later times can be arranged but you will need to be mindful that we will need to have time enough to unload in the daylight.

New removal boxes / cartons are available at ab fab. We have the smaller ‘book and wine’ box at $5 or the larger ‘tea chest’ option at $6.

When available we also sell previously used boxes at $4 each.

When you have finished your unpacking, bring back the boxes for a $1 refund on each one returned in a reusabe condition.

Paying an hourly rate is a fair way of pricing a removal.  It gives the client flexibility in determining whether to undertake certain tasks themselves to reduce the time the removal job will take.

With an hourly rate, the ultimate cost is based on what work is done on the day, so if half the furniture has been sold or if all the beds have already been dismantled, the job time will be reduced, resulting in a lower job price.  Consequently, the client has much more control over costs in an hourly rate arrangement.  If a client is dealing with a quality removalist with a strong reputation and a long list of satisfied customers such as that of ab fab The Stress Free Movers, the client can be assured that the removal will be handled efficiently in the quickest possible time, resulting in a fair outcome for all parties.

If you are moving house or office, or even just need a hand packing – why stress? Contact ab fab to help with all your relocating needs. Enquire online or contact us today  1800 868 226.
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