“This was the best move we have ever had. We move every year and each time its a nightmare. The guys complain and whinge especially about our mirrors and outdoor stuff but these guys were amazing. Really friendly and easy going. Made it the most relaxed ever. So thanks again.
Sam February 2014

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Moving Office Checklist

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Moving Office Checklists
  Moving Office Checklists  (125 KB)

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  • Lifts & Doors : Ensure that keys are obtained for locking off lifts and doors.
  • Cartons : The general rule is the heavier the contents, the smaller the box. Please ensure that cartons are not packed so the contents are too heavy.
  • Labels: Clearly mark all items with stickers. In some cases when a large removal is undertaken, different colours may be required for different sections and floors.
  • PCs :Please unplug screen and keyboard from main drive if applicable and leave all components on desk.
  • Desks: Contents of all desks need to be cleared prior to removal.
  • Filing Cabinets: Filing cabinets usually remain full for transportation. All drawers should be locked or taped. Store keys so that they are accessible when needed.
  • Large Cabinets: Double door or large cabinets should be emptied prior to removal. All drawers to be locked or taped.
  • Copiers & Computers: Please check any lease agreements with regard to these items as some companies will declare the service warranty void if not moved by the relevant supplier or the manufacturer. Photocopiers with liquid toner or powder need to be emptied prior to removal.
  • Fridge: Fridges need to be defrosted and emptied the night before removal and water emptied.
  • Bookcases: Most bookcase shelves are adjustable and held in place by pins located on the inside underneath each shelf. These should be removed. We suggest using a small plastic bag, labeled with the name of the area where the bookcase will be placed and taped to the inside.
  • Removal Day: Make sure you check your Removal Agreement and the start time for the removal. When the team arrive please discuss any special requirements or instructions you may have.
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Moving Office Checklist – Removalists Sunshine Coast

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